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Modern Deco

Pairing The Newest Technology With Beauty and Design

Modern Deco

Engineered Vinyl Flooring

Modern Deco uses the latest technology in flooring with a WPC core. This patent protected product answers a long standing demand for a completely water proof floor. Because of the rigid plank design, the floor will not allow sub floor imperfections. All you will be able to see is a flat, beautiful floor! This type of flooring is perfect for any application, including but not limited to: bathrooms, offices, kids rooms, lake houses, fitness studios, etc.

What is WPC?

WPC is an acronym for "Wood and Plastic Composite". Some people call it "Water Proof Core" as well. The core of the material was designed to be strong enough to hide sub floor imperfections, like curves and bumps, and be flexible enough to be floated or glued down. WPC at it's core has a vinyl top on it, which gives the product commercial warranties. The wear layer on the top is measured in mils, which is how thick the top protective layer is over the vinyl.