2022 WINNER for "BEST CARPET & FLOORING STORE" 10 years & counting!

Our Principles

What Heritage Carpet means to us

Hard Work
The foundation of our success is our work ethic.
We are 100% committed to serving and adding substantial value to our customers.
We are open, honest and friendly. We hire and retain only open and honest people.
We treat all people with dignity and respect, at all times without exception.
We understand the significant and meaningful contribution of general contractors to our society add proudly serve them, our clients.
We are courageous in our pursuit of excellence. Our courage enables us to do what is best and truthful at all times-even when difficult or inconvenient.
We work to win. We hire winners, work for winners, reward winners and celebrate winning performance
We are committed to the growth and profitability of our company, and are committed to being the leading carpet and flooring store in Ohio.